Internet-Client-Bank (Oracle Java version)
Prior to start working OBLIGATORY check security of established SSL connection

Use of browsers is possible, with support of Java Oracle and the length of ciphering key 128 bits.
Operates on MS Windows 7 and more recent versions via browser Internet Explorer (version 8 and letter versions).
Work on Linux/Unix/MacOS is possible (a relevant java-plug-in for browser is necessary).

Attention! Browsers Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera for Windows do not support Java work. Work in "Internet-Client-Bank" via them is not possible.

For operation of the software, it is necessary to install Java-machine (JRE) of the latest version from the site of the developer,
link to installing Oracle JRE for Windows.
To check availability of Java.

In case of problems with launching the software via the browser, please, download and launch self-extracting archive with files necessary for work in "Internet-Client-Bank" IKB_files.
After archive extraction, it is possible to launch "Internet-Client-Bank", as well as to make a "Request for adding secret keys" via local exe-versions of the software CliBankOnline__.Exe and CliBReg__.exe from catalogue C:\$BankOnline\Pravex\ on your computer.

For initial setting of the computer for work with "Internet-Client-Bank" we recommend to use Setup_IKB_SUN software.
It is necessary to download the software, to save in the folder with keys for the system "Internet-Client-Bank" and to launch Setup_IKB_SUN.exe

INSTRUCTION on use of "Internet-Client-Bank" system.
INSTRUCTION for generation of means of protection.
INSTRUCTION for use of additional protection of the "Internet-Client-Bank" system against malefactors - by introduction of a confidential code from the SMS.

In order to see the file in PDF format, it is necessary to have software Adobe Reader. It is possible to download the software from the site of the producer.

INSTRUCTION on work with Automated working station PM "Payroll module".


To start work with Internet-Client-Bank

Request for adding secret keys