Welcome to "Loan via internet" system
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System "Loan via internet" allows you to save your time and in the comfort of your office or apartment, get information about the loan disbursement possibility either to your company or directly to you. To do this you need to select from the following list the type of loan that you are interested in and fill out a form that will appear. JSCB "Pravex" examine your profile and report on the possibility of granting credit on your contact coordinates.
For individuals, there are types of loans:
Standard lending
Long-term loans for the purchase of housing

Here you can see the conditions for granting loans to individuals.
For legal persons, there are types of loans:
Standard corporate loans
Overdraft Services

Here you can see the credit conditions for businesses.
Finally, check your credit application (if available)

If you have any Questions which are not covered in this section, please call:
For legal entities:
mortgage lending - 290-16-42
overdraft loans - 261-02-12
For individuals:
standard lending - 261-04-66
long-term crediting - 261-04-12
The reception of the credit department - 261-02-33